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Embark on an enriching journey through our Medicinal Herbal Garden and Farm, where nature’s remedies flourish. Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Authentic Jamaica Farm-to-Plate cuisine, tantalizing your taste buds with the freshest ingredients straight from our fields.

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From $75.00
100 People
2 Hours
Included in this package is a Farm and Garden Exploration, complete with lunch.
From $20.00
100 People
1.5 Hours
Welcome to Flora Fusion Paradise, a captivating journey through the lush landscapes of Ocho Rios.
From $138.00
3 Hours
This tailored package caters to both small and large groups, featuring a guided tour of the Herbal Garden and a delectable Jamaican culinary experience.
From $173.00
3.5 Hours
Embark on a journey where the vibrant heart of Jamaica's natural landscapes meets the soulful flavors of its culinary heritage with the "Farm Food & River Ramble Adventure."
From $168.00
3.5 Hours
Dive into the heart of Jamaica with the "Garden Gastronomy and Blue Hole Tour," an unparalleled adventure that marries the island's spectacular natural beauty with its rich culinary traditions.
From $98.00
100 People
2.5 Hours
Step into the heart of Jamaica with our Herbal Haven Culinary Journey, an all-inclusive farm and garden food tour in Ocho Rios that delights from start to finish. Beginning with a vibrant fruit tasting, guests are introduced to the rich flavors of the island, sampling a variety of local fruits that set the tone for an immersive culinary adventure.
From $130.00
200 People
3.5 Hours
Dive into the flavors of Jamaica as you learn to cook iconic dishes like Jerk Chicken and Ackee Cod Fish. Cook, eat, and explore our lush gardens, making unforgettable memories.
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Who will love our Tours?



Open to exploring new experiences and environments.



Eager to learn and discover more about farming, gardening and Jamaican cuisine



Has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and natural settings



Values eating well and understanding the source of their food



Interested in practices that support environmental sustainability



Passionate about cooking, eating and experiencing new flavours



Understands and appreciates the slow and rewarding process of growth, whether in a garden or on a farm



Present in the moment and appreciates the simple joys of nature and food.

Culinary Roots: An Authentic Jamaican Cooking Experience

Cook, eat, and explore our lush gardens, making unforgettable memories. This tour combines gastronomy with the beauty of nature.

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Journey Through Harmony Farm's Herbal Haven

For many years, Harmony Farm and Garden has been a cornerstone in educating countless visitors about the incredible healing properties of Jamaican herbs. Jamaica is home to more than half of the world’s medicinal herbs, a diversity largely attributed to our extensive history of migration.


As individuals have moved to the island over the years, they’ve brought with them a variety of plants, enriching our land with an unparalleled selection of medicinal flora.


These herbs flourish naturally in our hills, and here at Harmony Farm, we’ve curated a comprehensive collection for both your educational pleasure and visual delight. Besides medicinal herbs, the farm showcases a variety of ornamental plants, shrubs, and flowers.


We are confident that you’ll not only appreciate our diverse array of herbs and plants but will also thoroughly enjoy the culinary experience sour food and fruit offerings provide.