Our Story

Welcome to Harmony Farm and Medicinal Herbal Garden, a lush sanctuary nestled in the heart of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Founded over two decades ago by Elizabeth Broderick, a passionate advocate for nature and traditional Jamaican herbal medicine, our garden has become a beacon for those seeking to reconnect with nature and discover the healing powers of plants.

Our Journey

Elizabeth’s journey began with a simple mission: to gather an extensive collection of medicinal herbs from across Jamaica and cultivate them in one location. This vision was not just about creating a garden but building a living library of healing and knowledge. Today, Harmony Farm proudly hosts over 100 species of medicinal plants. From the well-traveled paths of our Curry Tree, Tea Tree, and Ashwagandha plants to the native roots of Jamaica, our garden is a testament to the island’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Our Heritage

For generations, Jamaicans have embraced the tradition of starting their day with herbal teas, a practice deeply ingrained in our culture and personal histories. The memories of remedies like Semi Contrac, a childhood staple for worm treatment, are cherished stories we share with our visitors. Our garden is not only a place of beauty but a bridge connecting past and future generations to the wisdom of our ancestors.

Our Mission

With Jamaica home to over 52% of the world’s medicinal herbs, thanks in part to our diverse migrant heritage, our mission extends beyond our current collection. We are committed to preserving and expanding our living library to include as many of Jamaica’s medicinal plants as possible. Our work supports not only local tradition but also global interest from pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and individuals passionate about natural healing.

Educational Outreach and Events

Harmony Farm is an invaluable resource for students, educators, and anyone eager to learn about the practical and scientific aspects of plant-based healing. Our garden serves as a unique outdoor classroom for agricultural studies, offering hands-on learning experiences that enrich the curriculum of local high schools.

We also welcome families, nature enthusiasts, and groups to host reunions, gatherings, and educational tours within our serene environment. Our newly launched kitchen initiative offers culinary classes, including the preparation of Jamaican jerk chicken, showcasing authentic farm-to-plate dining experiences. We cater to all dietary preferences, ensuring a delightful and inclusive experience for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Botanic Bites and More

Our exclusive Botanic Bites tour is a culinary adventure designed for foodies, offering a taste of Jamaica’s finest dishes and liquors. This group experience requires advance booking and promises an unforgettable journey through the flavors of our island.

Sustainable Living

At Harmony Farm, sustainability is a way of life. Our farm is home to rabbits, chickens, and a variety of birds, alongside a collection of ornamental and fruit trees. A stroll through our coffee walk reveals the depth of our commitment to ecological harmony.

Visit Us

Just a twenty-minute drive from Ocho Rios, Harmony Farm and Medicinal Herbal Garden stand as the only facility of its kind in the area. If you’re looking to savor authentic Jamaican cuisine, immerse yourself in the knowledge of traditional herbal medicine, and enjoy the great outdoors, our garden is the perfect destination.

Join us at Harmony Farm, where nature, culture, and healing converge.