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April 29, 2020by Elizabeth Flowers



Welcome to our farm tour! This farm tour gives you the opportunity to experience what life on a farm feels like; you’ll get to learn about different farm animals, see how their products are made, eat locally grown food and also participate in certain farm activities alongside some of the farm workers. Furthermore, your kids can learn a lot of important lessons from participating in this farm tour. Taking your children around the farm and allowing them engage in certain activities (such as feeding farm animals) can be a great way to teach them about the cycle of life and show them where their food comes from.

Different kinds of animals can be found on a farm, including pigs, goats, chicken, rabbits, cows, sheep, etc. However, in this article, we’ll be talking about rabbits and chicken only. Let’s begin with chickens.

  • Rabbits

Rabbits are used as characters in most children stories and cartoons. This could be as a result of the gentle nature of these beautiful animals. Just like chickens, there are different kinds of rabbits out there, and they all have different habitats and diets.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Rabbits?

If you’re asked to mention the names of a few rabbits you know, you could easily call out names of famous rabbits in books, cartoons, or stories. However, do you know the names of the different types of rabbits that live both in the farm and in the wild? Let’s find out more about these beautiful animals.

Rabbits are mammals – meaning that they are warm-blooded and give birth to their young ones alive. There are over 30 different species of rabbits living in the wild, and they usually weigh around 1-4 pounds. Rabbits can also be domesticated. The practice of breeding rabbits for their meat, fur or wool is known as cuniculture. Rabbit ranches can be found in so many farms around the world.

Some popular rabbit species include New Zealand White, Californian white, Eastern Cottontail, Chinchilla, French lop, Dutch, Checkered Giant, Giant Flemish, Angora and Rex. The Eastern cottontail is a wild specie of rabbit that has a white tail which looks like a cotton ball.

Where Do Rabbits Live?

Rabbits mostly live in groups. Undomesticated rabbits can be found in forests, grasslands, and meadows. They dig burrows and tunnels underground, where they take shelter and give birth to their young ones. They are able to dig these holes with the help of their sharp long claws.

Domesticated rabbits live in a cage called a hutch, where they eat and reproduce. Males are known as bucks while the females are called does.

What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits mainly eat plants. While domestic rabbits may eat carrots and some other vegetables, wild rabbits may prefer to eat grasses and leaves. Carrots and vegetables are good for rabbits, but they are also fed with fruits and hay to ensure a balanced diet.



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